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Marie Anne Ben
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Vermillon, SD
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WELCOME To Lions District 5SE

We are located on the eastern side of South Dakota; part of the MD5 District. We currently have 47 Lions, 3 Liones Clubs, as well as 1257 members in the District. 
   Our District Governor for the Lions Year 2018-2019 is Lion Marie Anne Ben

It is April and there are about 70 more days before the end of this Lions fiscal year. What is your club planning to do to impact your membership, leadership and service? Have you identified your future leaders? Have you identified and completed a new service project? Are you reporting the club activities and accomplishments through MyLCI?

April has opportunity to add new members and receive some grant funds for each new member added in April 2019 and reported through MyLCI. See the article in the newsletter for the details.

April is the time to elect and report your 2019-2020 club officers and other club leaders. Remember to designate your club President, secretary, Treasurer, Leadership Team chairperson, Membership Team chairperson, Service Team chairperson, and Lions Clubs International Foundation Campaign 100 chairperson. Each of these positions have an integral role in helping to move your club forward by working with other clubs, district club chairpersons and with the multiple district team leader. There is a network and resources available to help guide each area club development, plans and goals. It is imperative that the 2019-2020 club officers are reported on the MyLCI site so that the information is available for LCI and the district club directory. The elections and updates should be completed by April 15 and absolutely no later than May 1. Contact district leaders if there is an issue.

Are you ready to attend the Multiple District 5 (MD5) Convention in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan? Will you be submitting your club newsletters, website or scrapbook for consideration as the district’s submission for the MD5 award? See the details in this newsletter. Delegates from each club need to bring the delegate authorization form signed by the club secretary. Be sure that your club is in good standing, meaning the all club LCI, MD5, 5SE dues are paid and that the member is in good standing in the club and has been a club member for at least a year and a day as of March 1, 2019. The club is entitled to 1 delegate for member count 1-14 members, two delegates for member count 15-24, three delegates for member count 25-34, etc. See the agenda and forms in the newsletter.

The Treasure Chest raffle tickets and request for donations is included in the newsletter. Send your tickets and payments as well as the auction/raffle gift contributions to my address on or before May 10 so they can be transported to the MD5 convention if you or your club members are not attending the convention.

Remember that the way that Lions are successful is through participation in activities. The circle of leadership, membership and service starts with each member and continues to grow and expand through club, zone, district and international participation and collaboration. There are numerous tools and support systems to help enhance the Lions experience. It is up to the individuals working together to keep the organization engaged, strong and relevant to the aims and purposes of Lions Clubs International for which each of us is a member.

Yours in Service, Vision and Hope,

DG Lion Marie Anne