Lions Of South Dakota
  District  5 SE

Lion Neil Bowes  DG
Yankton, SD
(605) 665-2685
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We are located on the eastern side of South Dakota; part of the MD5 District. We currently have 49 Lions, 3 Liones Clubs, as well as 1332 members in the District. 
   Our District Governor for the Lions Year 2017-2018 is Lion Neil Bowes

Thank you Lions of D5SE, thank you for taking action with the Vision Van to screen hundreds of kids, 6 months to 18 years old, as well as all of the other individual community projects. It seems that every club has their own centennial celebration. If you would like a Vision Van to be in your community for a special event, please call the SD Lions Foundation in Sioux Falls. It is a great tool for screening for vision problems, getting acquainted with people, and to identify those who might be interested in joining the Lions.

We have 32 registrations for the Fall Forum in Vermillion September 29-30, about 1/3 of the goal to make the Forum a success. Registration forms can be printed from the August newsletter. We suggest that each club send their allowance of delegates. The Vermillion Lions have a great program planned including International Director Bruce Beck, an exciting speaker from Palisade, MN. You can find more about Bruce on his Facebook page.

It will be a fun day for everyone. It you need Peace Poster kits, please let me know. Peace Posters are due November 1 to be judge and forwarded to MD5.

Lions International Foundation granted $100,000 for immediate aid for Hurricane Harvey victims on Friday, August 25. The LCIF website has a link to accept individual donations. Remember that 100% of your donations will go to the project that you designate. During such a catastrophe, 1000’s of eyeglasses are sure to be lost, so there is also an appeal in the news for eyeglass assistance. Used eyeglasses would certainly be welcome.

Thank you to the Britton Lions, Brandon Lions, MD 5 Council of Governors in Minot, ND, Watertown Lions, Milbank Lions, and the Huron Noon Lions for their great hospitality. The Schedule picks up the pace in September. Avon Lions, Sept 7; Plains Lions, Brentford, Sept 11; a Mitchell Lions, Sept. 12; Lennox Lions, Sept 14; Vermillion Lions, Sept. 21; Sioux Rise Lions, Sept 25; Redfield Lion, Sept 26; Corsica Lions, Sept 28; and the Fall Forum, Sept 29-30.

What I like best about the Lions is that it is a volunteer organization. So, there is always encouragement for every member for anything that they do or don’t do. Of course, the more you do, no matter how you do it, will certainly increase the joy, satisfaction, and encouragement received from others. Thank you for volunteering me for this DG job.

Past DG’s tell me that this will be the best year of my life. I have already had a lot of great years, but so far, this one is shaping up to be one of the best

DG Neil Bowes