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John Emmett
5SE DG Lion John Emmett 
38280 129th St
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    Home: 605-225-5553
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WELCOME To Lions District 5SE

We are located on the eastern side of South Dakota; part of the MD5 District. We currently have 43 Lions, 3 Liones Clubs, as well as 1200 members in the District. 
   Our District Governor for the Lions Year 2019-2020 is Lion John Emmett



I am sure that most of you are aware that the MD5 Convention scheduled for May in Brookings has been cancelled.  The health and welfare of the Lions of Multiple District 5 weighed heavily on this decision.  There was much discussion at the recent Council of Governors meeting as to how to handle this situation.


Greetings Fellow Lions of District 5SE.  It has been a very busy “almost spring” with club activities and community service projects all around our District.  I very much enjoy visiting the clubs of our District and with each visit I learn something new that I can bring back to my club.  And it is exciting to find such a variety of service projects and fundraising ideas.

Membership continues to be an issue for our District.  So far this year (through the end of February) we have gained a total of 40 members and lost a total of 84.  Our membership has a net loss of 44 members so far this year.  That is a decrease of 3.66%.  We all need to work to turn this number into a positive.  We currently have 1,157 members in District 5SE.

On the positive side our Global Membership Team, (GMT) is working diligently to add new clubs.  The Groton Lions have submitted a charter application for the District’s newest Leo Club.  They have 22 new Leos from Groton High School who have “signed on the dotted line”.  Great job Groton Lions and 2nd Vice District Governor Dave Pigors.

I am working with the Aberdeen Lioness Club to coordinate their conversion to a Lions Club.  I am hopeful that they will agree and we can complete this before the end of the year.

The Vermillion Lions Club is working on developing a branch club at the University of South Dakota.  Past District Governor and Council Chair Marie Anne Ben is heading up this effort.  Good luck to CC Marie Anne and the Vermillion Lions.  This will be a real plus for our District.

And the GMT is attempting to develop a Specialty Club including the Speech and Debate Coaches in South Dakota.  This has been done in North Dakota and District 5SE is one of eight Districts nationwide chosen to work on this project.

As you can see, we are working diligently to improve our District.  Every club in the District should be working to increase their membership.  Bring a guest to your next club meeting and invite them to join.  Consider sponsoring your own Leo club.  Make your club more visible in the community.  There are so many ways that you and your clubs can increase membership.  If you are in need of ideas, please let me know.

I am pleased to announce that we will be having club officer training this spring.  On May 9th we will be inviting all club officers, both new and old, to participate.  The location will be announced at a later date.  We have not had officer training in our district for several years and this will be an excellent opportunity for each club to enhance their club’s leadership.  And there will be no charge for this training and lunch will be provided!!!

Thank you all for allowing me to be your District Governor this year. 

Until next month, KEEP ON SERVING and remember to ask someone to join our great association.

DG John Emmett