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Lion Larry Buntrock  DG
Britton, SD
(605) 448-2949
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We are located on the eastern side of South Dakota; part of the MD5 District. We currently have 49 Lions, 2 Liones Clubs, as well as 1420 members in the District. 
   Our District Governor for the Lions Year 2016-2017 is Lion Larry Buntrock

Greetings I made my 44th club visitation last night to Tulare.  Thank you, Tulare, for the warm welcome and wonderful potluck supper.  I have enjoyed each and every visit as I have called on the 49 clubs in 5SE.  I am sad to announce that our Northern State University club is closing as there are not enough members to keep it open.  College clubs need an on campus mentor to keep them going and we lost that person who retired.    Membership is always important to making Lions successful.  I still want to encourage you to “Ask One”.  Since the beginning of the Lions year, July 1, 2017, we have gained 64 new members but we have lost 117 members, so we have a net loss of -53 members.   We need to have a push in the final 4 months to get new members.  Our total membership of the district is 1330.  We have many hard working members who have reported 13,753 hours of service so far this year.  

Many of our clubs have qualified for the Club Excellence Award.  Check out the application on LCI at to get the requirements.  I hope we will have many clubs fill out the application this year.

I would like to encourage each club to try and get a student to participate in the Speak Off contest.  You will find the rules and guidelines elsewhere in this newsletter.

At the next MD5 meeting in Minot, ND on April 1st, there will be a special election for the International Director for MD5.  Registration for the meeting and voting rights are found in this newsletter.  

March is Eye Donor Awareness month.  It is a good time to honor donors and their families.  Contact Dakota Lions Sight and Health at 605-373-1008 if you would like a program for your meeting.  I would like to encourage every Lion to become a donor by putting it on your driver’s license.

Congratulations to the South Dakota Foundation on their new vans.  They should be available by the end of March.  They are all set up for Eye Screenings.  If you would like to schedule the use of them, call the Foundation at 1-888-735-4667.

Upcoming dates;

March 16 – Deuel Club Visitation

March 31-April 1 – MD5 Meeting – Minot, ND

 May 18-20 – MD5 Convention – Deadwood

June 3 – 5SE Cabinet meeting – Mitchell

June 30-July3 – 100th Anniversary International Convention - Chicago



DG Larry Buntrock